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Are you looking to build a new online store or to take your existing e-commerce business to the next level? Our team of experienced e-commerce professionals is here to help.
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Content & Translations
Responsive design
Our websites are UX and Sales oriented

For over 10 years we implement websites that are used by hundreds of thousands of people every day. With this experience and knowledge, we understand very well the aspects that determine a good, useful web design.

Our team has extensive experience and a process developed over the years to carry out the creation of a new website for your company from A to Z. We use MoSCoW for developments.

Our websites are UX and Sales oriented, it is not only the appearance of the website that counts, but also its usability. Your company’s website is not only a showcase on the Internet, but a tool for earning money, and this is the most important thing we follow.

What’s more? We are focus on User-Centricity

User-centered design, or UCD for short, is a breakthrough for product teams. UCD forces stakeholders to delve into the needs, feelings, beliefs and habits of their users, and then to create a valuable product that suits them. Result? You show your users that you care and you understand them, and they’ll love you for it.

We design websites so that from the user’s point of view they are fully practical and ergonomic.

We also make web design with the accessibility standards. Our solutions make publications on your site accessible to people with perception, cognitive, hearing or vision impairments.

We build websites based on WordPress and technologies like HTML and Vue.js

One of the world’s most popular content management systems, WordPress is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites in October 2021 according to BuiltWith and W3Tech. Worldwide, WordPress websites are used by more than 80 million users. Even the official White House website is also based on WordPress.

WordPress was originally created as a blog publishing system, but has evolved to support other types of web content, including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS), online stores and even social media platforms.

What’s more, and why WordPress in particular?

Its main advantage is its simplicity and intuitiveness. It is a technology that is used to create professional news sites, blogs and sites for any purpose.

The popularity of the platform increasing accessibility and constant development, updates to the platform allow it to keep up with developments in web technology and security. More importantly, Google likes WordPress a lot!
You may be wondering why websites around the world are so eagerly created on WordPress and why it is a good solution. Using WordPress means a lot of flexibility and a wide range of possibilities to expand your site.
WordPress is recommended by our company for any user who wants to create a website quickly and easily with our help

We have been doing projects based on CMS WordPress for more than 10 years and have implemented more than 300 websites on WordPress.

Copywriting & Translations

We perfectly understand how companies operate and what problems they face when preparing a new offer, rebranding, changing the website or organizing the current offer in order to increase sales and ease of use.

It turns out that one of the most difficult challenges that we will lead your company through is creating texts, content and collecting audio-visual materials.

In our copywriting offer, we will prepare content in accordance with the art, trends of keywords and the changing Google algorithm.

We do everything in accordance with the requirements for search engine optimization of the website and its results.

Contact us for more details.

Responsive design

We create and design responsive websites and online stores adapted to mobile devices. We use Responsive Design or “Mobile-design first” technology to design websites and online stores.

What do you need to know first of all?

The percentage of global internet traffic on mobile phones has increased over the past decade. As of May 2022, 58.26% of all internet traffic came from mobile phones.

So, if you have a website, and it is not adapted to mobile devices, and the data speaks for itself, you must also take into account the new Google algorithm, one of the factors of your position in Google is having a responsive website.

Global Mobile Phone Website Traffic Share From 2012 to 2022 trabsky

We build website with consistency

We build website with consistency, which is a key element in web design for both visuals and functionality. It ensures that your website looks consistent and works harmoniously in all its all elements. It is also:

  • provides users with a more positive experience
  • enables users to complete their tasks faster and more efficiently
  • improves the usability and ease of learning of your website
  • eliminates pain points and obstructed navigation
  • saves money and time on design

Why it is so important? Navigation elements offer users a roadmap to all the different areas and information on the site. To be effective, navigation should be clear and consistent throughout your site. Thanks to well-designed navigation visitors are able to navigate easily between pages and always know where they are. Difficult site navigation may lead them to leave your site = less customers.

Page layouts and menu structure
It’s a good idea to use templates to create a common page layout throughout your site. Create seamless transitions between pages by placing consistent elements on each page.

We encourage our clients and advise them in the first place to be guided by their choice taking into account the sales factors for example by placing any marketing communications and calls to action, such as a newsletter subscription, special offers, or discounted products or services. Place them in a prominent place as positioning can improve customer response rates  = more customers.

We build websites
with technologies like

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Addons & integrations
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OMNIBUS Compatible

Our e-stores are aligned with new requirements in EU e-commerce regulations starting January 1, 2023.

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GDPR Compatible

Our e-Stores comply with regulations for compliant processing of personal data under local law.

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Sales solutions

For each page, we select the right tools and elements for effective user-to-customer conversion.

Free integrations*

The price includes integration with traffic monitoring & website condition tools

*Free Integration is a part of an order for the website.
*Integration with are made at the customer’s request and it is included in the price

competencies by online webstores

TRABSKY has been verified by , as a Partner in the area of DevOps. This distinction is confirmation of our competences in the following areas:

Questions & Answers

It all depends on individual arrangements, but in most of our projects we work in stages and we settle accounts for a specific stage. At every stage of creating a website, you will be able to consult us and get answers about the stages, implementation, technology or additional ideas.

We work in stages, which are clearly presented at the beginning of cooperation, and we settle accounts for the work we have done, i.e. the payment is made after each stage.

Nevertheless, it depends on the project and individual arrangements, so we are flexible and adapt to a given implementation.

More about process

If, during the implementation, after the agreed quote, you have remembered about, for example, a necessary function or forgot about an important tab – no problem. We will add it adequately to the agreed project budget or according to agreed hourly rate. We have a price list prepared for each client, so you do not have to worry about cooperation and its course.

In addition to formal issues, we need materials from you to create the website. Unless you do not have them, then it is worth starting with:

  1. consultation as part of which we will advise you from A to Z on how to “access the Internet” – Contact
  2. cooperation from the first stage, i.e. branding and preparation of materials. – Check it out here.

After publishing the website for public view, we are still available to our clients in the form of permanent or ad hoc cooperation. If you have any problem, we are available to you as well as before and during the day.

We offer ongoing support in the form of a subscription or a fixed hourly rate. We take care of the website, introduce content, and update all its modules and appearance on an ongoing basis. The subscription price includes the cybersecurity package, so you do not have to worry about whether the website will work and whether it is safe.

More about our support or Contact us

Of course. At the end of the implementation, we will provide you with login details and access to the content editor.

We adapt each page to the possibility of editing by the client. However, if you would like to leave our care in our hands, we offer subscription-based cooperation or for specific works.

Basically, each of our website is adapted and optimized for SEO. Free integration with Google tools, it perfectly indexes your website for the Google search engine. The match level depends on the package selected.

In additional options, we can speed up the indexing of your website for Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The biggest plus of cooperation with us is Free integration with Google tools! It is a must-have for every website. We will not let you go into the world without it. We add free integration with Google tools to each implementation, so that in the future, if, for example, you want to advertise, you can easily understand your customers based on the collected data or improve the sales efficiency of your website.

Our sites are safe. We also take care of the basic number of website backups. In addition, we recommend the cybersecurity package, because the safest website is one that is constantly updated and administered. Read more about the security suite

The most important thing is to choose the right hosting for the needs of your project. When choosing hosting, it is worth paying attention to its speed, size and contact with the service.

It is worth contacting us before buying, and we will help you choose a hosting that is appropriate to the scale of your project. We have worked with many hosting providers and we know which ones are worth cooperating with and which are not.

A domain is your website URL. This is the basis of the entire implementation, and even the basis of your brand. A well-chosen domain is a domain that is easy to remember and tailored to your brand or product.

Contact us, in addition to helping you choose the hosting, we will help you choose the domain.

Yes. Our stores are compliant with new regulations. We help clients to access the Internet in accordance with the current legal regulations in a given country.


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Protecting your privacy is important to us, so if you would like to know more regarding how we process your personal data, please check our detailed Privacy Policy.

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