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Sztuka Barberingu, a leading barber academy, is investing in the future of barbering with a new e-commerce platform. We're building a user-friendly system to streamline the sale and delivery of their online training programs and services, making it easier than ever for aspiring barbers to find the education they need to thrive.

Our role

For Sztuka Barberingu, a leading academy for aspiring barbers, we're crafting a user-friendly e-commerce platform to streamline the sale and delivery of their barber training programs and online services. This platform will automate the training sales process, making it easier for future barbers to enroll and access the education they need to excel in their careers.


Materials prep -> Branding -> Wireframe & Sitemap -> UI Design -> Code -> Review & Tests -> Launch



"Thanks to the support and express implementation of the project, our customers have a better understanding of our group's operations, which translates into better sales."


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